Wild Pachyderm Given Saline (Sri Lanka)


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Views A wild elephant which had been found sick inside a tank in Nawagaththegama had been helped out by villagers and wildlife officers including veterinarian Dr.Chandana Jayasinghe had arrived on the 14th to treat the animal.
North Western and north Central Provincial in charge veterinarian Dr.Chandana Jayasinghe said that the elephant is 6ft tall and nearly 7 years old. Dr.Chandana Jayasinghe stated that the animal had been fed with a highly poisonous agricultural chemical such as Curator which had caused severe injuries in the stomach and had been in hunger unable to take food for some time. He added that the animal’s life is in risk despite the treatments given.
It was observed that the wildlife officers of Nawagaththegama and Galgamuwa as well as in Pandulagama, Anuradhapura, were making every effort to save the elephant’s life.
A few hours after treatment the elephant stood up with the help of the wildlife officers.