Wild Tusker Attacks Thekampatti Elephant Rejuvenation Camp (Coimbatore, India)


New Indian Express

Date Published

COIMBATORE: Tension prevailed at the Thekampatti elephant rejuvenation camp on Thursday early morning, when a wile elephant tried to intrude into the camp and attack the camp elephants.

Eye witnesses say, a herd of four wild elephants including a male, a female and two cubs, came near the elephant camp on Thursday early morning. At that time, the camp elephants were taking shower and the mahouts who saw the herd raised alarm. Suddenly, the male elephant separated from the herd and began to chase the temple elephants. Immediately, mahouts took the temple elephants to a safer location.

Forest officials swung into action and began driving away the wild elephants by bursting crackers. Mettupalayam Forest Ranger Ravi said, “The wild elephant came from Kandiyur reserve forest and came to about 50 meters near the camp. Immediately the elephant was chased away the forest officials by bursting crackers. The elephant was driven away towards Nellimalai.”

Forest officials also said they have set up solar fencing to prevent entry of wild elephants into the camp. Apart from this, two watch towers were also installed in addition to the installation of 16 CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the camp elephants.

Environmentalists demanded that the HRCE should find suitable location to conduct the camp smoothly without any wild elephant disturbance while forest department officials requested the farmers to avoid cultivating crops attracted by the wild elephants.