Wild tusker enters Dajipur sanctuary in Kolhapur (India)


Nikhil Deshmukh, Times of India

Date Published
KOLHAPUR: While officials of Karnataka and state forest departments were busy capturing three wild elephants in Sindhudurg district since the last ten days, a wild tusker entered Dajipur sanctuary on Sunday. Residents of nearby areas said they have spotted the animal and informed the local forest officials. 
Sources in the forest department said it is a fully grown elephant wandering alone in the forest. Dajipur sanctuary is located in Radhanagari tehsil, which is on the northern side of Ajra and Chandgad tehsils of Kolhapur district. The sanctuary is part of Sahyadri tiger reserve. 
The elephant, whose earlier movements were restricted to Ajra and Chandgad tehsils alone, has now moved northwards in search of food and water. The real threat is that the sanctuary is officially known for housing tigers, bisons, cheetals, leopards and other animals and the entry of the elephant could disturb their habitat. 
A similar incident took place around five years ago where an elephant entered the Dajipur forest range. The animal was unable not sustain the moisture and cool temperature and died due to pneumonia. 
Rajan Desai, range forest officer (Ajra), said, “The elephant has entered through Ajra into Radhanagari forest. He will spend some days there and could return to Ajra as such elephants are more comfortable here .”