Wild Tuskers Raid Farms (India, Mysore)


By Express News Service

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Mysuru: Traffic was disrupted for a while on the busy Mysuru-Ooty National Highway-212 when forest officials tried to chase away three tuskers which raided nearby fields.

The elephants kept officials on their toes on Monday when they ravaged fields and proceeded towards Omkar forest range in Bandipur through the highway. Farmers panicked after they came to know that the jumbos raided fields in villages.
When the news spread, villagers gathered in large numbers and the tuskers, surrounded by the villagers, ran amok towards Chikkakatti and destroyed sugarcane crops.  They moved towards Begur and Hunasanalu villages and destroyed a farmhouse.  The forest officials stopped vehicles coming from both the sides  to ensure that the elephants crossed the national highway.  The officials chased the wild tuskers to the forest via Krishnapura of Nanjangud taluk. 
Jumbo Attacks Cop
Hassan: A police constable attached to Yeslur police station in Alur was injured when a wild elephant attacked him near Kumbarahalli village on Sunday night.
At 9 pm, Altaf was going to the police station on his two-wheeler when the elephant hit him with its trunk. He did not see the elephant standing on the road due to heavy rain. Passersby rescued him. Altaf is recovering in a private hospital in Hassan.
3 Elephants Ravage Crops
Hassan: A herd of three elephants has been destroying standing crops in Alur taluk for the past three days. Paddy, ragi, maize and coffee on 10 acres have been destroyed.
Forest officials are making efforts to drive the elephants to the nearby forest. The elephants destroyed solar fencing installed at border areas in the taluk, villagers said. The villagers are anxious as the elephants started entering into human habitats.