Wild tuskers unleash terror in Kailali, Kanchanpur (Nepal)


The Himalayan Times

Date Published

KAILALI: A herd of wild elephants has been terrorising locals of different villages bordering Indian territories in Kailal19i and Kanchanpur districts.

Locals claimed that the wild elephants that came from the Dudhuwa National Park of India have been terrorising them for the past one week.
According to Karan Saud, a staff at the Dhangadhi Municipality-2, locals of Bhimbasti, Bayese, Shankapur, Raikuwar, Bichuwa and Amarbasti of Kanchanpur and Dhangadhi Municipality-2 of Kailali have been living under constant fear of wild elephants.
He informed that the elephants have already destroyed crops worth millions of rupees so far.
Following the elephants menace, locals have been forced to guard the village, local Bholanath Timilsina of Dhangadhi informed.
Locals bemoaned that they had  informed the District Administration Office in Kanchanpur about the problem over and over again in past but to no avail.
They have demanded to make electric barricades around the Dudhuwa National Park.