Wild tuskers visit Bisonvalley (Idukki District, India)



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Rajakkad: A group of wild tuskers visited certain residential areas of Konginicity and Societymedu in the Baison valley panchayat on Wednesday. The group consisted of five elephants including a baby. There were seen in the nearby areas Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, many people engaged in the morning chores first spotted the group and took shelter inside their houses. These elephants were seen running on the roads towards Munoorekkar. They have caused great damage to the nearby cinnamon farms which were all set for reap.

The presence of wild elephants has become a frequent incident in these areas. 

The cultivations in these areas are hugely damaged by these wild animals. Also the human life is facing threat. 
The estate workers are not going out for their work out of fear. Also parents greatly fear to send their children to school. Last month a group of tuskers had visited Josgiri and Kurangupara areas and widely destroyed the crops. 
Many protests were conducted by the people against these attacks but authorities have taken no action.