Wildlife crime: the young David Doum will be auditioned in September in Ouesso (Republic of the Congo)


Agence d’Information d’Afrique Centrale/Brazzaville

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Translated from French by an automated online translation service, so please excuse the roughness. See link for original. Thank you to Anne Dillon for finding and doing the online translating.
A communiqué reported to Dispatches Brazzaville Brazzaville August 27, by the services of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) announced the hearing of wildlife alleged offender, Doum David, aged 23 and a Congolese national. It is planned for September 3rd at the Court of Ouesso in the department of Sangha.

This young man was arrested after a patrol of paramilitary intervention services of the Ministry of Forest Economy and Sustainable Development (MEFDD), in partnership with the ETIC project WWF-World Wildlife Fund for Nature Space Tridom Interzone Congo based in Sembé. David Doum was arrested Aug. 21, 2015, in Sembé, one of the districts of the department of Sangha, for illegal hunting with a weapon. After an investigation and a prolonged custody, the wildlife alleged offender has subsequently been brought before the floor of Ouesso, August 25, 2015.
Account of the Facts
While Ouesso celebrated the 55th anniversary of the independence of Congo, the alleged poacher Doum David, son of the president of the village of Boudel, planned his forest entry for a hunt with a weapon; the goal: to shoot elephants.
For the record, despite his young age, this is not David Doum’s first experience. He escaped from prison on Ouesso January 3, 2015 when he had to serve a sentence of two years imprisonment for the same facts as those alleged against him today, including slaughter of an elephant, an animal fully protected.
Indeed, the slaughter of some protected wildlife species is punishable by law 37-2008 of 28 November 2008 on wildlife and protected areas. For against the illegal detention of weapons of war is a scheduled offense and punished by the Ordinance No. 62/24 of 16 October 1962 establishing the rules of war materials, weapons, and ammunition. The alleged offender Doum David was caught in possession of a PMAK type weapon and a magazine of twenty-six ammunition.
Remember that this fight against poaching and smuggling of wildlife products joins Article 10 of the resolution of 15 July 2015 UN recommending that states parties toughen measures against any fraud relating to wildlife. In addition, the political determination expressed by the Government of the Republic of the Congo is reflected in the adoption of national legislation intended to regulate the exploitation of wildlife and flora covering its territory. But in practice, these provisions are put to the test by offenders of wildlife, with the complicity of some officials.