Wounded jumbo provided medication for 2nd day (Coimbatore, India)


Times of India

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The 30-year-old female elephant that was found wounded in Kanuvai on Wednesday continues to be on treatment. Efforts by the forest officials to make the jumbo stand have failed.

On Wednesday, forest officials found the elephant near a temple. The elephant was ailing and had collapsed on the ground. After being notified, forest officials began treating the animal.

Meanwhile, forest officials organised to bring a Kumki to the spot to help the ailing jumbo stand. “We also tried using a crane to provide support for the jumbo to stand up. But, our efforts went in vain,” said a senior forest official.

On Thursday, the forest officials kept feeding the elephant with saline, giving the jumbo strength to recover. “The elephant’s intake is poor. It is only eating a few plantains. We hope that our medicines will have a positive effect, and we will soon get to see the jumbo rise,” the forest officials said. Two veterinary doctors are on duty, and they are continuously monitoring the elephant’s condition.

“The good thing about this elephant is that it is gradually responding to the treatment. We hope that it will recover soon,” the official said.