Young wild elephant found dead in Surat Thani forest (Thailand)


Supapong Chaolan, Bangkok Post

Date Published
See link for photo of elephant.

An infant wild elephant was found dead deep inside a national park in Wiang Sa district of this southern province on Monday. The young jumbo was found by local people who immediately alerted forestry officials on Monday afternoon. They reported there were banana trees nearby that had been stripped and eaten.  Forestry officials at Tai Rom Yen National Park huried to Plai  Hin Paeng forest, part of the national park in tambon Ban Song, where they found the dead male elephant, aged around 2 years. There was blood on its left rear foot. The cause of the young animal’s death was not clear. Veterinarians were being called in to help with the investigation. There were reports this area was the habitat of a herd of 6-7 wild elephants, including one baby elephant and its mother.