Zambia: Hunting Ban On Elephants Still On


By James Kunda, Times of Zambia

Date Published
THE Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) says the hunting ban on elephants and big cats is still in effect contrary to widespread reports in the media that this was not the case.
ZAWA communications and public relations officer Readith Muliyunda said in a statement yesterday that that even before the ban was effected, Zambia was never been a pro-elephant hunting nation
“Contrary to blatant misinformation reports on social media and some sectors of the media that the hunting ban on elephants has been lifted, ZAWA would like to inform members of the public and the international community that this is not the case,” she said.
Ms Muliyunda said even before the ban, hunting of elephants in Zambia had been at the lowest, restricted to two out of the 36 Game Management Areas (GMA’s) namely, Rufunsa and Lupande.
She said the only reason for hunting in these areas was because they were overly populated and causing human wildlife conflicts.