ZAWA nabs eight suspected poachers in Kazungula (Zambia)



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THE Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in Kazungula has arrested eight suspected poachers, including a Zimbabwean, for alleged possession of ivory and ammunition.
Senior warden Lusizi Mwale said in an interview yesterday that ZAWA will ensure that poachers are arrested.
“We have recovered elephant and hippo meat, an AK47 magazine [ammunition container] and point-375 ammunitions. Among the eight suspects is a Zimbabwean by the name of Risen Longwani.
“We also apprehended two women who were found with hippo meat,” Ms Mwale said.
She identified some of the other suspects as John Kuname, 55, Gasper Mbwayara, 30, Abraham Sikasole, 20, Tebuo Simasiku, 30, and Mutinta Lubinda, 21.
Ms Mwale also said Longwani was allegedly found with ivory, marijuana, an AK47 magazine and elephant tusks.
Ms Mwale said poaching levels in the Mosi-oa-Tunya national park are low but ZAWA was prompted to institute investigations after it found a wounded elephant which was shot in the right leg.
“Poaching levels by the use of guns have reduced but what is now a challenge is snaring, which is a silent killer.
“The danger of a snare is that it does not choose which animal to kill as it traps any animal that comes its way,” Ms Mwale said.
She said the suspects will appear in court soon after investigations are completed.
“Elephant is big business and an endangered species. The whole elephant is valued at US$10,000, because you will find that someone gets the ivory, another the tail while others go for the meat,” Ms Mwale said.