Zhejiang is the first to introduce African elephants to meet you next spring (Zimbabwe/China)


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See link for photos of elephants.

December 26, Hangzhou wildlife world ushered in a new partner – from Africa, six African elephants. It is reported that this is the first time in Zhejiang Province, the introduction of African elephants.

Into the African elephant hall, you can clearly feel the warmth. Compared to outdoor zero temperature, really warm as spring. In order to meet new partners, let them warm the winter, as soon as possible to adapt to the climate of Hangzhou, the park built a new Africa as the premises, covering over 1,000 square feet and equipped with 24-hour heating equipment to ensure that the indoor temperature at 18 ?.

According to the Hangzhou Wildlife World staff, the introduction of six African elephants, 2 male and 4 female, weighing about a ton. Do not be surprised by this weight, in fact, they can still be 3 years old like the African baby. The little guy’s head with the general high, about 1.6 meters. It is understood that the African elephant life of up to 60-70 years old, 18-24 years old. Adult African male as high as 4 meters tall, weighing up to 10 tons.

Then the African elephant and the Asian elephant in the end what is the difference? Reporters with curiosity, careful observation of the little guys are all parts of the body. The most obvious feature is that they are as big as a palm-leaf ear, like a map of Africa. In addition, the African elephant male and female have ivory, and Asian elephant only male has ivory, the female does not have ivory.

At present, the little guy the most important thing is to adapt to the environment. According to breeders, they are currently eating normal, carrots, sugar cane, apples and other fresh fruit, 5 kg per day, while not limited supply of hay feed. Next, they will be in Hangzhou wildlife world through 30 days of isolation quarantine period. Wait until next spring, you can and the majority of visitors to meet friends.