Zim national park tightens security as more elephants poisoned (Zimbabwe)


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HARARE: Zimbabwe has deployed 150 parks rangers and police officers to Hwange National Park in the wake of the latest cyanide poisoning incident.

Two elephants were found poisoned inside the park this week.

A source in Hwange says the two elephant carcases were found by rangers who were fighting a fire deep in the park on Monday.

A parks spokesperson told state radio that two elephants were found dead at a salt lick that’s believed to have been poisoned with cyanide.

Among the 150 deployed in response to this latest incident are members of the Environmental Management Agency.

They’ll need to decontaminate the affected area to ensure other animals aren’t affected by feeding on the carcasses.

Conservationists say at least a dozen elephants have been poisoned in or near the park since June this year.