Zimbabwe: Chinese Businessman Arrested Over U.S.$23 Ivory


New Zimbabwe

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A CHINESE businessman spent two nights in police holding cells accused of possessing ivory bought without a licence at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

Sum Bin, 51, of Hedong Chengling in China led a delegation from his country which attended the recent ZITF in Bulawayo.

After the trade showcase, the businessman and his delegation visited the Victoria Falls resort for a short holiday before returning home.

But the brief vacation turned into a nightmare when he was arrested Monday afternoon at Victoria Falls International Airport while boarding a plane for South Africa.

A Zimra sniffer dog is said to have alerted authorities who searched Sum Bin’s bag and found a cubic-shaped artefact made of ivory.

Sum Bin was held for two days as cops cracked their heads on a suitable charge.

The businessman eventually appeared before local magistrate, Sharon Rosemani, charged with smuggling Tuesday evening.

Sum told the court he bought the artefact for $10 and did not know it was made of ivory.

Zimra officials quoted the artefact, which weighed 0.092kg, at $23.

The magistrate said, as tourist, it was not proper to imprison him for an item worth $23.

He was fined $100 or an alternative 10 weeks in jail in default.

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