The Numbers And Distribution Patterns Of Large Mammals In The Ruaha- Rungwa Area Of Southern Tanzania (1982)

Describes aerial census of Ruaha National Park and adjacent areas including Rungwa and Kisigo Game Reserves.


Journal of Applied Ecology Vol. 19, No. 2


Barnes, R.F.W., Douglas-Hamilton I.

Date Published 1982NumbersAndDistributionPatterns


The 31,500 sq km census zone carries one of the largest elephant populations in Africa with an estimated 43,865 elephants with 24,625 estimated to occur within the 10, 200 sq km Park itself. Within the park, comparisons with earlier counts showed an apparent increase in elephant density of 8-10% per annum since 1965. The increase in elephant within the park itself probably results from the change in human distribution in the region and a period of higher rainfall.

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