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Will you help give an elephant a voice?

Your monthly gift will power scientific research, including real-time tracking, to understand where elephants go and why, so their needs can be heard and advocated for.




How your gift will help

Save the Elephants’ 28 years of tracking data gives elephants a powerful voice in landscape planning. By deploying GPS tracking collars on wild elephants, we can find out where they roam, what decisions they make and how to better protect them.  This data is also used to advise local and national governments in development planning.

Your gift will support tracking and all of Save the Elephants’ scientific research to understand how elephants are being affected by the changing landscape around them, so their needs can be heard and advocated for.

Thank you for helping give elephants a voice in a changing world. Your gift will have a direct and meaningful impact on protecting the future for this important keystone species.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing [email protected].


From the US?

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