Films & Publications

Save the Elephants has come a long way on the silver screen. In the early 70s The Family that lives with Elephants told the story of Iain, Oria and their family growing up in Tanzania amongst the elephants. Since then, STE have been continually active in depicting the life and times of the majestic creatures we work with, as well as the people who have come to play a vital role in their survival.

© Robbie Labanowski

STE has partnered with many production companies to open up the fascinating Samburu landscape and the world of elephants. We were the subject of an acclaimed 3-part BBC series The Secret life of Elephants, and 2015 saw the launch of the 10-part BBC series This Wild Life, profiling life in Samburu with STE & Elephant Watch Camp. As man struggles to live in peace with the giants, Elephants and Bees project. Moving into a new age where much of our information is available in bite-size visuals, we too are designing short clips that share our work with the world, as well as promoting the work of our partners. All this is available on our YouTube channel 

© Frank af Petersens