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Scientific Publications

Landscape-scale Conservation Planning Of The Ewaso Nyiro: A Model For Land Use Planning In Kenya? (2006)

Didier, K.A., Cotterill, A., Douglas-Hamilton I., Frank, L., Georgiadis, N.J., Graham, M., Ihwagi, F., King, J., Malleret-King, D., Rubenstein, D., Wilkie, D., Woodroffe, R.

Landuse Planning Workshop Report

The unique wildlife of the Ewaso Nyiro and valuable services that the ecosystem provides for humans (e.g., clean water and productive grasslands) cannot be conserved by working solely on traditional conservation strongholds such as the national reserves a

Endocrine Correlates Of Musth And The Impact Of Ecological And Social Factors In Free-ranging African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana) (2010)

Ganswindt, A., Muenscher, S., Henley, M., Henley, S., Heistermann, M., Palme, R., Thompson, P., Bertschinger, H.

Hormones and Behavior

Sexual activity in mature male African elephants is predominantly associated with the occurrence of musth, a state or condition which refers to a set of physical, physiological and behavioral characteristics, including an elevation in androgen levels.