STE WildTracks App

STE WildTracks

Save the Elephants (STE) has been GPS tracking elephants and other animals in Africa since 1995.  Originally a tool for fundamental research into elephant movements, the technique has become an important tool to guide ranger patrolling and to help in long-term landscape planning.

In 2013 STE signed a deal with Vulcan to transform the concept of the STE Tracking System into a powerful platform protected area managers to visualise the positions not only of wildlife, but of rangers, vehicles and aircraft, and integrate them with data from camera traps, fence-break alarms and other sensors.

The STE WildTracks, powered by Vulcan Inc., is a specialised tool designed for those interested in visualising and interrogating the movements of individual animals, be they elephants or other animals. It is currently used by researchers and conservationists in 12 countries across Africa.

Currently available on all iOS devices, elegant visualization helps researchers, conservationists and wildlife managers to investigate behavior, plan wildlife areas and corridors and guide law enforcement.

Support – contact STE on [email protected]